Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taste Test

Last Thursday, my husband and I had some friends over for wine, cheese, and pizza.  Eight of us were planning to go to a local wine bar for mystery wine night - but the strange, rainy California weather forced us indoors.  We spent most of the night drinking wine from paper bags (to disguise their varietal so we could guess) - but then my hubby thought of a blind beer tasting.

The line up
We still had A TON of beer in our fridge from his bachelor party (it is taking forever to get rid of) - so we pulled out 6 kinds and randomly lined them up in the kitchen for the participants to consume in the living room. Of the 4 people that participated - only one person got 3 right not knowing what the six brands were.  Once we revealed the brands at the end and had them re-guess - the highest score was a 4.  Everyone got Blue Moon and Fat Tire - but surprisingly it was very hard to pick between Bud, Bud Light, and Coors Light.  It was really funny in the end - although I think some egos were bruised...

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