Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This father's day I wanted to celebrate all the qualities I love about my dad.  

1. My dad is very generous with his time and with his things.  He was essentially the coordinator of our wedding a few months back.  I am not sure many people could handle a few hundred people in their home with such grace. A big thank you to him (and my mom) for making it possible to have such a special wedding! 

He is there to support our endeavors - well except when that involves eating fruit of any kind.  Anyway, here he is boldly tasting the beer that Patrick "home brewed" in his squirrels nest of a room.  I was not getting anywhere near it.  The reviews came back as "hoppy."

While on the subject of eating habits, it would be a great time to mention some of my dad's favorite foods  (tomatoes will never make this list by the way) - many of which became my favorite foods.  He loves grilled cheeses, bacon, and particularly ham, turkey, or chicken leftovers on little toasted buns.  I inherited my love of grilled cheeses right from him.  I particularly love the photo below, because it demonstrates how my dad reuses disposable cups at home - even though we have glass ones and a dishwasher. :)

So thank you for being a great dad! And cheers to my mom as well!  As Mrs. Cahn puts it - she definitely wears a halo for putting up with some of my dad's antics.  ;)

Love you and happy Father's Day to my dad and my new father-in-law!

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