Thursday, June 24, 2010

grilled cheese

A few years ago Elizabeth got me a book on grilled cheeses for my birthday.  The other day I got home from work and was inspired to make a killer grilled cheese.  Maybe because it is summer and our entire house turns into an oven when we turn on the oven. Anyway, I walked to Whole Foods and came back with warm crusty bread, fig spread, prosciutto, and burrata cheese (a type of raw mozzarella).  

The finished product was so good that we ate it two nights in a row with a simple salad. The first night we put in in a panini grill and I grilled them normally with the cheese in there - but I lost the buttery nature of the raw cheese due to the heat.  So the second night I grilled the two halves open face style on a skillet and put the cheese in after the bread was grilled as not to kill the delicate texture of the cheese with heat.  Both nights I crisped up the prosciutto first.  Also, now that fig season is approaching - I will get to use fresh figs instead of the jarred fig jam.  

The finished product on the second night.  Delicious!  Thanks again to Lizard for the awesome book!  Still using it years later.  


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