Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Honeymoon Day 6

The food at Liku Liku was very good - much better than you would expect from a place where all the food was included in the price.  During our stay, we got the chance to meet some of the resort staff at a little cocktail party hosted in honor of the resort's third birthday.  The chefs were a husband and wife team from Australia.  
Coconut milk for breakfast

Example of a lunchtime dessert (coconut jello)

Dinnertime at a table on the beach
When I asked the chefs how they were able to so perfectly cook their lamb - they responded that they used sous vide on all the meat served.  I thought it was really impressive that sous vide had made it to Fiji.  I had just learned what sous vide was by watching a talk by Thomas Keller while on a book tour to promote his new sous vide cookbook.  I was impressed that any home cook would even consider buying an $80 sous vide cookbook that they would likely never use - but that is an aside....

My husband was even so bold to try some traditional Fiji drink one night when they had the Fijian equivalent of the luau - which I believe that they called a Kava Ceremony.  Multiple people drank out of that common bowl - which just isn't my thing - but he passed along what it tasted like.

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