Thursday, June 24, 2010

shrimp and grits

While I was in Atlanta last week, Tyler, Lindsey, and I went to one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants - JCT - and I ate one of my favorite meals in the entire world - shrimp and grits.  I have been lucky enough to have shrimp and grits from all over the place, but JCT wins hands down.  The addition of a perfectly poached egg and a buttery piece of bread is genius.  The photo was taken with my camera phone and really doesn't do it justice.  I was proud that I could resist digging in long enough to take a photo!

I last had shrimp and grits in Charleston, SC at the Hominy Grill.  Also very good, but not as good at JCT.  The shrimp were a little more greasy and the grits weren't as creamy. The mushrooms were very good though...

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