Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The first five months: Sleep

I hesitate to tell you this, but our baby started to sleep through the night around 6 weeks of age.  It was actually the night of my 30th birthday and it was the best gift ever.  Seriously.  He had done it once before, around 4 weeks old on 12/23/11 - it was like an early Christmas gift.  I remember waking up in a panic wondering if he was still alive!  My husband and I were so refreshed from sleep that night we took an early morning walk and I got my toenails painted for the first time since having the baby.  It was heaven.
a baby burrito
So what has helped us along the way with sleep?  
  1. Swaddle blanket: The premade swaddle blankets have been key to our sleep.  We have liked using the fleece (it was winter) Summer Infant Swaddle Me.  We used these premade swaddle blankets until around 4 months of age when we switched to the Halo SleepSack.  My pediatrician recommended making the move away from the swaddle as our little guy got closer to rolling over.  We were able to make the switch without too much of a problem.  We had been worried since he would wake up from time to time in the middle of the night when his arms had come un-swaddled.  Turns out that maybe fighting the swaddle woke him up!  The first night we un-swaddled him he slept just fine. 
  2. Infant swing: A friend lent us the Fisher Price Lamb Swing.  It was the best way to get him to sleep in the early days. We would sleep on the couch next to it. 
  3. Go the F to Sleep: We got this funny book from our friends.  You can SO relate in the early days.  This provides a good laugh.
  4. Pacifiers:  We didn't introduce the pacifier until around 6 weeks.  We tried earlier, but we thought he wouldn't take one.  We had to try several brands, but it turns out he liked the NUK brand.  It has been really key in helping him soothe himself before bed. 
  5. Big aerobics ball: We would sit on this thing in the middle of the night in the early days and bounce him to sleep.
  6. Bassinet: Our stroller (the Uppababy Vista) came with a bassinet.  We got the bassinet stand (which we now use as a laundry hamper) and used this bassinet in our bedroom for the first several months.  Made middle of the night feedings much easier. 
  7. Carters fleece zip-up footed pajamas: The fleece keeps him warm and the zip makes for easy access.  We still use these!  After Christmas Carters had a big sale on these and I bought a few in every size.  The sales lady asked how many children I had... 
  8. A routine: Early on we decided to put together a bedtime routine, even if he was waking up every couple of hours.  It helped mark the start of the night.  We would bathe him, put him in his jammies, give him his vitamin D drops, turn on the sound machine, read books, and then nurse him to sleep.  We still do the same routine today at 5 months (although I try to put him down awake now rather than asleep). 
quality sleep in the lamb swing

the bassinet 

zip up pjs are the best!


  1. I love that you're posting again! I just had to comment on the Carter's thing -- I have spent a small fortune on zippered, footed one-piece outfits. I've now switched to their rompers for the warmer weather, which are equally awesome. It's really going to be a shock to L&G to learn what pants are. :)

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