Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the first five months: breastfeeding

“If one but realizes it, with the onset of the first pangs of birth pains, one begins to say farewell to one’s baby.  For no sooner has it entered the world, when others begin to demand their share.  With the child at one’s breast, one keeps the warmth of possession a little longer”.

Princess Grace of Monaco (1929-1982). 

you do what you gotta do...
Nursing on the side of the Dish walking trail
Breastfeeding to off to a bit of a slow start for me.  Our little guy was born with pretty major tongue tie that had to be clipped on THREE separate occasions (in the hospital, by the ENT, and finally by the pediatrician) before breastfeeding was not incredibly painful.   My advice?  See a lactation consultant if you have any pain - I saw Joanna Koch at Palo Alto Medical Foundation three times over the course of a month and she was AMAZING.  Worth the cost many many times over.  It is so nice to have someone to talk who knows what they're doing and will help you problem solve.  I liked seeing Joanna at PAMF better that someone at Day One because our pediatrician was also at PAMF - meaning that Joanna could refer me to other doctors (the ENT for example) and stuff just happened quickly.

So what do I use?
  1. Balboa Baby Nursing cover: I use this everyday.  I got mine as a hand-me-down from a friend and I love love love it. 
  2. Medela Pump in Style:  I pump every night to help me build my stockpile for when I return to work.  I pump so much that when we moved to our new house, we got a separate deep freezer for our garage.  It just has breast milk in it.  No joke.  It is great.   
  3. Pumpin pals: I got these shields for my breast pump.  They are not noticably more comfortable than the ones that came with the pump.  I bought an extra set of pump parts so that I didn't necessarily have to wash them everyday. 
  4. My breast friend: I used it for about the first month.  I haven't really ever used it since.   Nice in the beginning when he was so small!
  5. Dr. Brown's Bottles:  We like these, but don't feel evangelical about them.  I'm sure other brands are nice, these are what we happened to get from friends.
  6. Breast pads:  I liked the Johnson and Johnson ones early on (very absorbent), but have moved to the Lanisoh ones (thinner).  I don't feel strongly about the brand I use. 
  7. Nipple cream:  Medela tender care was my best friend for about the first 8 weeks.  I didn't like the Mother Love (too thin) or Lanisoh (too thick) brands. 
  8. Nursing tank tops: A must.  I really like the Ripe Maternity brand.  They are pricey for sure, but I have worn one everyday for the last 5 months.  In terms of cost per wear, the price is very reasonable!
our little guy sleeping on the breast friend


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