Monday, April 16, 2012

The hospital packing list

The time in the hospital is already starting to be a bit of a blur.  I remember being so excited to finally have my little baby boy in my arms.  We had a shared room at Lucile Packard, but were lucky enough to have the entire thing to ourselves.  It was hard to be interrupted constantly day and night for various checks, I now get why people check out early if they can.  It was so nice to get home with our sweet baby boy.  

When I was preparing my hospital bag, I got a list of what to bring from my doctor (see below).  Another friend (and photographer) sent me a link to her list of what to bring.  However, it turned out that I used very little of what I brought (aside from toiletries, car seat, and a going home outfit for me and the baby).  I think if I am so lucky as to do this a second time around, I would do things a little differently.

Hospital prep list from my doctor
Here is my hospital packing list for next time:
  1. A towel for the car:  My water broke when I got out of the car in the hospital parking lot.  I knew my water was starting to break when I left home, so I sat on a towel on the way to the hospital.  
  2. Nipple cream:  I am nursing and in the beginning it was a lot to figure out.  I was very sore and tender.  The hospital offered me olive oil, but that just wasn't protective enough.  I brought my own Lanisoh brand lanolin (a fat derived from sheep's wool that is safe for babies).  However, after trial and error with several brands since - my favorite brand is Medela Tender Care.  Lanisoh is very thick and could be painful to smear on.  The other popular brand (Mother Love) was too thin (too much like the olive oil at the hospital).  Medela was just right. 
  3. Swaddle blanket: While we were in the hospital we just used the cotton flannel receiving blankets that they had.  However, we have since learned that it is MUCH easier to swaddle our baby in one of those premade swaddle blankets with the velcro.  It took us a few days (and some desperation in the middle of the night) to realize that swaddling with regular blankets was just not as effective.  I honestly didn't really realize that I could bring my own swaddle blankets... 
  4. A bed jacket:  Helpful because of all the people coming to visit.  My mom got me mine and it snapped up the front.  Hospital gown was not that comfortable as it was hard to keep over my shoulders.  I was also cold a lot in the hospital.
  5. A sleep bra:  My breasts were so tender and the rough hospital gown rubbing on them was not helpful.  Next time I'm going to wear a sleep bra with either gel Soothies or regular nursing pads with lanolin to protect them from the friction. 
  6. Baby clothes:  The hospital put our baby in this little kimono shirt with a billion strings to tie.  It was inconvenient.  I didn't really realize that we could have changed him into his own clothes at any time!  I will bring my own little SNAP kimono shirts next time.  Easy to unsnap for skin on skin time - but not impossible to put on when he is crying or squirming. 
our little guy just after he was born


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