Thursday, June 17, 2010

Importance of community

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I was recently reading about Sheryl Sandberg in my April (or May?) issue of Vogue (she is the COO of Facebook and former Google executive).  Anyway, she talked about how her frequent get togethers of women in silicon valley (of all backgrounds) were a great source of happiness and support over the years.  It has gotten me thinking about community and the importance of community.  Living in California, I have realized that community isn't the same as it is in the South.  What makes it different?  So how can I replicate that here?  I don't have any thesis yet, but she has inspired me to think about and appreciate the fantastic women I am lucky enough to know - classmates, family, friends, coworkers, friend of friends.  As my mother-in-law reminded me once, it is the women in the family that go a long way in keeping a family close.  

Interesting articles about Sheryl Sandberg:

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