Tuesday, March 9, 2010

chocolate ice cream!

My fiance's Aunt Peggy gave us an ice cream maker a few months ago.  A few weeks ago, we thought we would try a new recipe.  I wanted to make something with eggs in it, to increase the richness.  Our last experiment led to a very light whipped ice cream (which was delicious), but I was ready for something dark and rich.
The recipe we chose - from the Cuisinart ice cream maker manual
Cream, milk, and vanilla beans
The recipe called for lots of chocolate - we used the good stuff :)
Making a bit of a mess - this was the consistency of chocolate pudding
We then added it to the machine
The result was amazing.  It was dense and dark and delicious.  Although I must say it didn't make very much - but that might be because I took every opportunity to lick the spoons (and there were a lot of transfers between bowls for this recipe).  In the end, it took 9 ounces of chocolate (a typical bar is about 3oz), so it is very chocolatey.  My cousin Sarah is coming over tomorrow night and we will probably polish the last of it off.  Excuse to make more!  

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