Thursday, October 29, 2009

I scream for ice cream

When I was little, I used to make homemade chocolate ice cream with my grandmother using double bowls, ice, and salt. Imagine my delight when I spotted the Cuisinart ice cream maker at I persuaded my fiance that he would also enjoy homemade ice cream (no preservatives, simple ingredients) and we added it to our wedding registry.

Well about a week ago, I came home to find a big box from Macy's on the front porch. It was an engagement gift from his Aunt Peggy and her boyfriend Bob! Inside the big box was the ice cream maker - we immediately started to plot our first batch. I was soooo excited!

I wanted to make peppermint, and my fiance wanted something crunchy so we settled on mint ice cream with crushed Scharffenberger chocolate.

The final product was creamy and light - sort of like a more substantial whipped cream. We have been enjoying it all week. The recipe we used called for milk, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract, peppermint extract, and chocolate chips. Next time I want to find a recipe that calls for eggs too so I can see how that changes the flavor. I also want to make a lemon verbena flavored ice cream. Do you have any favorite recipes (or flavors) we should add to the list?

Thanks again Aunt Peggy and Bob!


  1. Perfect Scoop is about as good of a book for ice cream recipes as you can find!

  2. Thanks Talley! I will check it out! Any favorite flavors I shouldn't miss?

  3. too many to list! I love his cherry ice cream (uses sour cream to great effect), his fig ice cream, and a real shocker: chartreuse ice cream. Tons of interesting ideas too... with plenty of custard based ice creams (using eggs) and non-egg styles...

  4. I love figs! I really want to try the fig ice cream - I would have never thought of that. I will definitely check out this book next time we walk over to the Borders in our neighborhood.


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