Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hunter boots

When it rains I don't like my feet to get wet because I am then freezing for the rest of the day. A few years ago I got J. Crew rain boots that are pretty awesome. However, if I had to do it again, I would probably buy Hunter boots - they are really tall (thus keeping more of your leg dry). Hunter has been making rubber products for over 150 years and over a million pairs of wellington boots were worn in the trenches during WWI. You know I love a boot with some history!

I hope you stay dry this week!


  1. Or, for a fraction of the price (a mere $14 Cdn, plus transit north of the border) you can get these from Canadian Tire.

    I had a pair every size growing up, handed down from other kids, and then on to my little brother. Every rural household in Canada has a line of these boots by the entrance during muddy season. (They used to only have an orange stripe; the blue for women is a new addition, and apparently you can even buy slightly cuter all-blue ones now.)

    My current ones are 2 years old and show no signs of wear. I was dry as a ___ (what's the opposite of whistle?) yesterday on my ride in!

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