Monday, October 19, 2009


This afternoon I went up to the city for a cultured afternoon with two friends Niki and Audrey. First we hit the Victorian Home Alliance of SF Tour of Victorian homes in Eureka Valley (neighborhood in the Castro area of San Francisco). All in all we took in 7 homes that ranged from homes that took Victorian decor very seriously (period wallpaper, fabrics, and furniture) to those that used it as a "fantastical" inspiration (dragons, fairies, masks from Vienna, etc.). We saw homes with a ton of personality oozing from all corner (mirrored chandeliers and interesting art) to those that almost looked staged for a real estate showing ("where is all their stuff?").

Upon leaving we headed to the Presidio theater to check out "The September Issue" - a documentary made about the making of the September 2007 issue of Vogue magazine (image below). It was awesome, but I left the movie particularly smitten with Grace Coddington, Vogue's creative director. “Always keep your eyes open because you never know what might inspire you” she reminds us in the final minutes of the movie. Coddington (who is 68) really stole the show with her charm, wimsy, and utterly romantic sensibility.
Basically I drove back down the peninsula inspired both to have more interesting home decor and clothing! I couldn't wait to get home and get on ebay to start looking for interesting examples of both.

Thanks for a great day ladies!

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