Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the love of my (culinary) life

Ben suggested this weekend that I should write a post about my unconditional love of Chipotle burritos. I can't believe I haven't written about it yet! Today I was finally motivated when I saw that Chipotle plans to install solar panels at 75 restaurants around the country.

I have eaten at Chipotle about once a week for the past 8 years. I have my burrito* down to a science:
  • Chicken burrito with black beans
  • Cilantro rice
  • Corn salsa
  • Cheese
  • Extra sour cream
  • Lettuce
(I am cheap so I don't pay extra for guacamole).

* I am aware that I probably get a day's (or week's) worth of calories in this one meal. But it is sooo worth it. True love lasts a lifetime.

p.s. I have even made a pilgrimage to the first Chipotle in Denver. I am a devoted fan.
p.p.s. I have been known to win Chipotle eating contests (for the record Haas was no match for me).


  1. remember when i emailed the ceo of chipotle requesting/demanding they build a location in new orleans....and remember when he wrote back??

    chipotle love runs in the fam!!

  2. You should post your email in a comment. :)

  3. Wow, a whole new side of you I did not know.

  4. As requested...


    Thank you for writing us, and I am sure we will get to New Orleans someday. Hang in there friend, and we will see you there eventually. We are glad you were able to eat our food when you were in Houston!


    Joe Stupp
    Duct Tape and Plungers

  5. nice post! is that really the ceo? awesome!

    My burrito is the same except i add the mild (tomato) salsa + the corn, and i dont order extra sour cream (seriously alice, is the one giant spoonful not enough) Sometimes i ask for extra lettuce... ya know, to get my greens.

    i used to get barbacoa+pinto beans when it first opened in CP, but you showed me the light on the chicken+black beans. Many thanks my chipotle mentor.

  6. I'd like to add that the "Coming Soon" Chipotle sign on El Camino and Page Mill is a huge tease.



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