Thursday, March 18, 2010

baked eggs in cream

A few weeks ago I went to brunch at Mayfield Bakery and I had a baked egg in cream - it was heaven.  After thinking about the meal for the 10th time, I decided I wanted to try and recreate it at home.  A quick search brought up a great sounding recipe on a blog called The Wednesday Chef.  The recipe comes from a restaurant in Oakland called Camino. 

the leaks from our CSA
Fitch farm fresh eggs
before baking
delicious dinner!
This recipe was SO good that I have made it twice in 8 days.  It was also the PERFECT use for the fresh eggs brought to me by my co-worker who keeps three chickens in his backyard.  Isn't the blue-ish egg so cool?  Thanks Fitch!

Definitely worth a try!!


  1. Did Dawn lay an egg?! I am so proud of her productivity - and to think she was almost chicken dinner not so long ago!

  2. Dawn finally got the message and produces the biggest, brown eggs with tremendous yolk color. Simple egg salad takes on a great flavor. Shielay is the most reliable, giving us the pretty blue eggs most mornings. But Ashlay is the kindest, most delightful hen.

    Alice, glad you enjoyed them in a special recipe!


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