Monday, March 15, 2010

beware the ides of March!

My grandfather's birthday was today - the ides of March.  It is a day that I always think about not just my grandfather, but all of my other grandparents and other ancestors.  I thought I would share some really interesting pictures my mom has sent over the last few days.

my grandmother and grandfather
Sarah and Jim Ryan in Pittsburgh after they were married
(He worked for Westinghouse I think)

Doyle Dalton Ball (left)
My mom's maternal grandfather at age 10 - he was born in 1893
Blogged about his future wife here

Mabel Patterson Eisenhauer
(my mom's father's mother)
As my mom pointed out - we might share a similar hairline... 
Pretty cool old photos!  Really fun to see myself and my siblings in their expressions and traits. 

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