Monday, July 27, 2009


Last night I had dinner at my fiance's parents house. My fiance's brother's wife's family was in town, along with a good friend of my fiance's sister. My future brother-in-law and his wife live in the Mission in SF close to the Tartine Bakery, so they bought this lemon tart and brought it to the BBQ. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? It was not just lovely to look at, but tasted incredible as well.

This reminded me of a dinner we had eaten at their house in February, where we were treated to another Tartine confection - the chocolate souffle cake. You had to heat the knife in hot water to cleanly slice through the top layer. I loved the edible gold foil embellishment. I immediately looked it up online and if I ever make a decadent cake, I am going to look into adding a piece of gold.

My fiance and I made a bet once, and if I won I got a Tartine chocolate souffle cake. Well I won and I am still waiting! Although, I learned that there is a Tartine cookbook, so maybe a cookbook would be better than a cake!


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