Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rachael's list

Before Rachael left the Bay Area for greener MBA pastures in Louisiana, she left with me a list of things to send her. Although she left a few months ago, I just happened upon the piece of paper. In attempt to do right by Rach (a few months late) - here are all the things she requested.

1. Designer's website:
Before she left, I told Rachael how I had done a room makeover via the design service offered by one of my favorite bloggers. The blog is called Young House Love (formerly This Young House). It is written by Sherry and John in Virginia and I find it addictive to read about their DIY projects.

2. Poster in the bathroom:
Rachael loved the poster of San Francisco we had in our bathroom (see below) and wanted to know where we had gotten it. To be honest with you, we had seen it in Ross and Abby's SF apartment, fallen in love, and then tracked it down on the internet. It is made by Ork Posters and they actually make a similar poster for several cities and the heart.

3. Thomas Keller Chicken:
This one is easy as I have already posted about it - see this post from April.

4. Picture from frame store in NOLA:
Last Christmas I got the weathered wooden frame in the photo below from Mallory's mom Dottie as a gift. She knew that I loved weathered wood and this frame was made from recycled window sills. Rachael asked where it was from. It was a wooden frame purchased at the Art Mart in Palmer Park (which they have once a month in New Orleans). The artist is named Dave Bergeron and he makes tons of cool recycled wood stuff.

5. The crock pot chili recipe
The chili I like to make in the crock pot is from a cookbook called the Healthy Slow Cooker. I didn't feel like typing up the recipe (or violating copyright), but if you would like I can send the photos of the pages if you request them via comment.

There you have it - months overdue. Rach I hope you enjoy!


  1. YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!
    miss you

  2. p.s. I went to the Bywater Arts thing a few weeks ago and loooooved David Bergeron's work.... saved his card. Have you seen the trunks?! i love them... too bad cant afford them!


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