Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My friend Rachael's parents own a farm (Sasnak Farm) in Southern Louisiana. Knowing how much I love honey, last time I was home Rachael gave me a jar of honey made from bees kept at the farm. A few weeks later, my mom sent me a little surprise gift - a ceramic honey jar! Now I have fresh Louisiana honey in a sweet little jar with a real wooden honey spoon (not sure what that is called).

Tomorrow is also Rachael's birthday - happy birthday! Wish I could be there to celebrate.


  1. HAHAH thanks darling! bday was fun but we missed ya! ironically something odd happened to one of the bee boxes and my dad had to take out a whole frame filled on both sides with honey. it should totally not happen this way (i cant explain too well...) but the fun part is we have all tihs honeycomb just sitting in the kitchen and the honey is delicious!

  2. That is awesome! I need a bee box! I wonder what the laws are where I live... can you keep bees in a city?


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