Friday, July 17, 2009

must love dogs

Yesterday I learned that some dogs are marketed by breeders as hypoallergenic. I had never heard of such a thing - and I am not sure I believe it yet (wikipedia is skeptical anyway). My fiance is allergic to dogs, so a hypoallergenic dog would be a way around a lifetime of allergy shots if we ever got a furry pet.

Anyway, thinking of dogs made me think of my sweet niece Cecilia and her unconditional love of animals. She is fearless! Above you can see her with my family's dog Dodger (14 years old and deaf at this point - but no less adorable). Below you can see her with my aunt and uncle's dog Brulo. Judging by smell alone, I can guarantee that Dodger is not hypoallergenic. Judging by amount of hair, I bet Brulo isn't either.

Have a great weekend!


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