Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the cheesiest

I have a weakness for Kraft macaroni and Cheese. Over the years as my tastes change, I have tweaked the amount of butter and milk produce the best result (the box calls for too much of both in my opinion). Like always, I can still put down an entire box with no problem - as I did this past Saturday afternoon. The only thing better are either grilled cheeses or roast beef, avocado, and cheddar sandwiches (a tie for my desert island food of choice). I love cheese and avocado, and true love lasts a lifetime. Lizard would back me up on this one I think. We had a grilled cheese and coke/diet coke lunch every day before doing the Cindy Crawford workout video the summer after 9th grade. We were working at Les Enfants in the mornings and reading too many long summer books for European history after swimming "laps" (if I am being generous) at the neighborhood pool. Summers are awesome.


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