Tuesday, July 7, 2009

memphis + chocolate oatmeal cookies

Tonight I am in Memphis, TN. Although this is the second time I have been to this city, I always seem to be passing through and don't get to fully appreciate the sites. I still have to make it to Graceland and try some official Memphis BBQ. My hotel is right on the Mississippi river and I went up to the roof deck to snap these photos this evening.

Check out how many air conditioning units there are on this nearby building.

The night before we left for Maui, my fiance and I celebrated our departure with champagne and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. The champagne was a gift from his sister (thanks Annie!) and the cookies were a recipe shared by Philip (our house guest last weekend). Since these cookies are now my new favorite thing, my fiance made a batch last night and packed them for my trip to TN - I am enjoying one right now! I am trying to make my little bundle of cookies last the entire trip. Thanks!!

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