Thursday, December 30, 2010

gingerbread house - 2010

Last year we made a little gingerbread house with Cecilia.  As you may remember, we had decided to try something new and use melted sugar instead of frosting to keep the thing together.  Bad idea.  Turns out the humidity and heat (yes even in December) did the little house in as by day 2 it looked like a hurricane had blown through.

This year we went back to the classic and used the recipe that comes with the cast iron mold (I actually bought myself one this year to keep in California).

Recipes for the house

Recipes for the frosting
My mom actually made two houses for decorating - one to stay with us, and one to go to Cecilia's other grandmother Yaya (the mold has two sides and makes two different types of houses).
Getting set up
Aunt B went to the grocery store and got all kinds of candy for decorating the house and helped Cecilia put on the glue (i.e. frosting).
Cecilia and her handiwork
I'm pretty sure that for every piece of candy that made it on the house, there were two that were consumed!  She was in heaven.
The first house (for Yaya)!
For the second house, Cecilia and I worked together while Aunt B held baby Keira.
The second house!
The finished houses!  It was so fun to decorate with Cecilia, Aunt B, and Nia!  My hubby would have been there to help, but he was off with my uncle and cousin's husband at an all boys lunch downtown.
the gingerbread house village!


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