Monday, December 13, 2010


It has literally been an ice age since I had painted finger nails (in stark contrast to my toes that have been painted for 20 years straight). 

nice clean nails!
This past weekend we went to New Jersey for a wedding of my dear friend from college.  I would say her name, but she is now a federal law enforcement officer and I feel like she would disapprove of me blowing her cover!  Not only is she a federal law enforcement officer, but she married one too!  I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid and as part of the deal we got our nails painted on Friday.  Check it out!  Blood red! I love it!  I used to work in a lab where we cleaned everything with Acetone (aka nail polish remover) so I got used to never wearing nail polish. Now that I have my nails painted, I have really enjoyed pointing at things.  For example, today my boss needed help figuring out how to eject a cd from his computer (he just got a mac).  I was very happy to point to the cd icon and tell him to right click and select eject.  Look how pretty my finger looks with a painted nail, I pointed out.  He didn't really respond. It's the small things!

I'm also excited that it's the last full week before the Christmas Holidays (aka - it will be three weeks before I have another 5 day work week)!!!


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