Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 buche de noel

Every year for the past several years, my mom has made a Buche de Noel cake for our annual Christmas Eve dinner.  This year, my sister and I were excited to see what she had in mind!  My mom had saved a Holiday Cookie magazine from last year and there was a section on Buche de Noel ideas (she is convinced Martha Stewart isn't the biggest fan as she doesn't have many recipes online).  Anyway, my mom chose a red velvet peppermint buche de noel.  YUM!  All the things I love!

The picture from the magazine
With the inspirational photo in hand, my mom made the red velvet cake and let it cool rolled in a cocoa dusted tea towel.  She then made a 7 minute frosting (according to the recipe) with peppermint oil.  It was glossy and delicious.
the filling and frosting!
She then unwrapped the buche and filled it with frosting.  The one small change we made was to roll it along its long axis rather than its short side. We did this to get a longer buche, but it also meant it didn't get as curled looking.  If we were to make this again, I think we would make two along the short axis and then glue them together with frosting so no one can see.  
my mom and her handiwork!

spreading the frosting

rolling it up

placing it seam side down on the serving dish

making it look log like!

the dessert spread

a close up of the red velvet peppermint buche de noel

Another year, another delicious bouche de noel!  At the end of the party, there was only one little piece left!  I think we'll have to make this one again!


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