Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my recent obsessions

If you're wondering what I've been doing instead of posting on my blog... here are my most recent obsessions (i.e. I spent a lot of time on ebay).

1. Liberty Puzzles
We got one of these for Christmas and it became my obsession for 2 straight days.  The pieces are all kinds of crazy shapes - actually no two pieces in the puzzle are the same!  The puzzle is thicker than most normal puzzles and made out of wood.  I then bought myself an early birthday present at Anthropologie - another Liberty Puzzle off the clearance table (and then used a 15% off coupon).  They are expensive!

Look closely and you can see the odd shaped pieces!

2. Settlers of Catan
I played this game a lot over the holidays and I got two expansion sets for Christmas - Seafarers and the 5 -6 player expansion set for the original game.

Catan and a new nail polish under the tree!

3. Steamer Trunks
I saw an old Louis Vuitton trunk from the late 1800's in a decorating magazine and I am now obsessed with finding an old steamer trunk in good condition (no way can I even afford the old LV ones).  I've spent too much time on Craigslist and Ebay trying to find one so far...

Wouldn't this $8,000 one from the 1880's be awesome!?  Just search ebay for "louis vuitton steamer trunk" and you'll see lots of cool examples.
yes please

4.  After Christmas Sales
I got a jar of Gingerbread Butter at Williams Sonoma for $1.99 over the weekend.  Enough said.
I'm going to make baked brie with it!
5. Scandinavia!
My husband and I just booked a vacation to Norway today!  We're off to see the land of the midnight sun - in the winter!  You might think we're crazy, but think dogsledding, the arctic circle, northern lights, ice fishing, fire places, a language neither of us speak, and a new cuisine to try (lutefisk anyone?).  Try watching this video and NOT going to Norway.

So that is a quick summary of how I've been spending my time. :)


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