Thursday, January 13, 2011

birthday party!

I had a wonderful 1.11.11 birthday this year!  My husband planned a little party at a local wine bar and invited some friends.  You may remember Vino Locale for my favorite summer pastime - mystery flight night on their back patio.  He organized a mystery flight night birthday party! It was sooo much fun.  

He bought me a big cake with lots of frosting.

My birthday cake
He also bought me an obscenely large ballon.  It was fun walking home with it because random people on the street would say happy birthday. 

big balloon
Alison and Eli arrived at the party with a plate full of birthday brownies.  By the time we walked in the door at the end of the night, this is what we had left.  Can you blame us?  The walk home is several blocks... Thank you for my edible treats!

1/11 brownies!
Thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family for the amazing birthday wishes and coming out to Vino Locale.  1/11/11 was even better than I could have dreamed!

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