Thursday, November 5, 2009

golden brown perfection

Aside from Chipotle and Kraft mac and cheese, the last food in my trio of desert island foods is the perfectly cooked grilled cheese. Taught first by my dad and Christina, I went on to perfect the art with Elizabeth while watching Days of our Lives after working mornings in day care over the summers in middle and early high school.

The perfect grilled cheese is best cooked in a well seasoned (i.e. never washed) cast iron skillet using Kraft american cheese slices. Elizabeth liked to butter the bread, I like to drop butter the pan. I like a low heat so the cheese get nice and gooey while the bread turns a golden color. With Elizabeth I would wash my two sandwiches down with coke, and she would wash her one sandwich down with a diet coke. We would then do the Cindy Crawford work out video and then read our European history summer reading by the neighborhood pool while occasionally swimming "laps" across the small pool. I ate them literally every day for many summers.

On Sunday, I ate a golden brown grilled cheese and drank it with a coke (leftover from our party). It was heaven. I must remember to eat grilled cheese more often. Good thing Elizabeth gave me the best birthday present ever a few years ago! Thanks again!!


  1. American cheese, butter dropped in the pan. Perfect. My favorite sandwich of all time. I have to get that book.

  2. I will bring it to work and let you look through it/borrow it if you want to check it out!

  3. I remember doing that Cindy video with yall! Too funny.


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