Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UMD fine dining

Last weekend, I visited some of my favorite eating spots in DC and Maryland with my friends. First stop? Giant pizza slices in Adams Morgan (note that we had eaten earlier in the night at a very nice fusion restaurant in Chinatown called Zengo). After leaving Zengo, Christina said "that was very good, although I think I will be hungry in about an hour" - problem solved by giant pizza (it spans two plates)!

Then there was Chipotle - the love of my (culinary) life. Is any trip to College Park complete without Chipotle? I ate there once a week (or more) for most of college, so it brings back lots of happy memories.

And finally there was Cluck-U. I am not proud to love the cheese fries - but I do. They are not good, but so good. They are average fries with less than average nacho cheese poured over them. Like I said, I am not proud to have eaten every bite.

Going to Cluck-U brought back some other memories - riding in the BBD with Benji. I thought I would include this photo of Ben and Cluck-U-Pac. Cluck-U-Pac (real name Lee Majors) used to work at the College Park Cluck-U and looks like Tupac - thus the nickname. He was a College Park celebrity - he even had his on cds that he sold near the student union from time to time!

So there you have it. A walk down my culinary memory lane - appetizing right? :)


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