Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hermes blankets - my latest obsession

A few weeks ago I was browsing my subscriptions on Google Reader when a post ("craving caramel") from a blog I read called Delight by Design caught my eye. I starred the post and kept going. Well after a few weeks of marinating... I can't stop thinking about a blanket I saw in one of the photos. A big, warm looking camel and black wool and cashmere blanket from Hermes. Perfect for the fall when it is crisp and leaves are changing. Of course being Hermes, it is insanely expensive (four digits before the decimal) and probably not worth it (sigh). It reminds me of this camel colored wool blanket my parents used.

This room is perfect. It originally came from Domino Magazine in 2008, but it was scanned in and displayed on Apartment Therapy in May 2008. I am obsessed.
Here is the picture from the Hermes website (they have 6 different colors - although this one is my favorite). All folded up you can hardly tell how awesome it is. For more pictures of these blankets in beautiful rooms check out this post from Style Rumors.

Lovely wool blankets... have any favorite blankets I can look at to get my mind off this insanely expensive one?


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