Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday night dinner

This long, cold, and gloomy three day weekend was great for staying inside and cooking.  On Sunday night, after helping my brother prepare for his upcoming nursing interview, it was already 8pm - so my original plan of making onion kale panade for dinner would have to wait.  However, I still had some energy to cook something so my honey reminded me that we had fresh eggs on our hands from chicken sitting Kevin's chickens this weekend.  I decided to make a fontina, prosciutto quiche following the general cheese quiche recipe from the Joy of Cooking.  We also used the quiche dish we got from the Hoste's as a wedding gift!  Thanks again!

Making the crust
Rachel also got me the pie weights for a bridal shower gift.  In case she thought that was a weird gift - rest assured, I use them!
pie weights for baking the dough

golden brown crust - just right

The filling - the specs are nutmeg and black pepper

layering in the fontina and prosciutto first 

the egg mixture on top

voila!  so good I've already had it for two meals since...

dinner is served - very French
It was a delicious quiche!  The crust stayed really really crispy (which I love) and has also been really good the next day warmed up in my toaster oven.  I might make this again for a baby shower I'm hosting in a few weeks because it was so easy and so good.

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