Thursday, February 24, 2011

Norway Day #4

The fourth day was our only full day at Lyngen Lodge.  The original plan had been to drive two hours away to do dogsledding, but as we awoke and saw the beautiful day unfolding, we couldn't bring ourselves to drive away!

The view from our window - yes please

view from the breakfast table

So instead of driving to sledding, we made a quick (impulsive?) decision to join a group that was going snowshoeing in the mountains behind the lodge with Elisabeth, the manager and part-owner. It was the best decision of the trip!  We joined two other couples and had a fantastic day - see if described on the Lyngen Lodge blog!

a road sign

there was SO much fresh snow in the trees

our ski poles just sank in the fresh snow

I'm climbing up the bank after crossing a small (not totally frozen) stream

our fearless quide Elisabeth breaking our trail

victory (and sandwiches) at the top!

on the way down - my hubby jumped off a big rock into the soft snow

snow angels in snowshoes

the lodge at twilight - around 3pm
have you ever seen anything more beautiful
our equipment at the end of the day
We came home to a big fire and lovely treats - spice cake and hot coffee and tea.
the common room

During the hike, I managed to fall at the very end - arms outstretched and holding camera - forward into the deep snow.  My camera survived with a bit of water clouding the lens for an hour or so - so the cake only looks hazy...
we had this wonderful spice cake waiting for us

post hike coziness

At Lyngen Lodge, meals were included in the cost and they didn't disappoint.  Elegant, but hearty and rustic.  Portions were just right.
fish first course

Chicken wrapped in prosciutto for the second course

dessert was rice pudding and some kind of jam
not really my thing but the Norwegians at the table ate it up

Since we didn't see the Northern lights on the trip - we decided to recreate them inside with our green napkins!  We then tried to do this outside so we could tell our friends and family we'd seen them, but it was too dark to get the same trick to work.
the northern lights - inside

Overall it was the perfect vacation day.  Lyngen Lodge is a wonderful place and I'm already plotting to find a reason to go back!
more reindeer

For those of you that are serious skiers - February marks the opening of ski season as the days are long enough to hike up and ski down the slopes.  Warren Miller was so impressed, that the Lyngen Lodge was featured in a recent ski movie.

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