Sunday, February 20, 2011

RIP Dodger

While we were in Norway, I received news that my family dog, Dodger, had passed away.  We got Dodger in 1996, a little before we had our family portrait done - my friends thought we either had a rabbit or a small pig in the picture.  Actually - it was our brand new little pup!  Can you spot the little pup in the picture?

The family portrait at Christmas time
Dodger was a Welsh Corgi - a breed with a lot of fur and short little legs.  In the summer he had to get haircuts as not to swelter in the New Orleans heat.

Dodge Podge

One of his most distinguishing characteristics were his eyes - one blue and one brown, just like my grandmother Memaw!  Although Memaw's eyes were sort of mostly blue, with one of them having a big brown spot.  

Memaw and Dodger in 2000
He lived a long life - almost 15 years!  The week before he died, he had had a check up at the vet and received a clean bill of health for a dog his age (aside from the deafness and stiff joints).  On the day he died, he feasted on a lunch of rib bones - Voodoo BBQ - his favorite.  He appears to have died peacefully in his sleep without suffering.

When he would lie down, all legs would be straight out - it was pretty funny looking. 

He liked to dig a few inches and then sit in the cool soil.  My parents buried him under one of his favorite trees in our backyard.   RIP Dodger, you were a good friend.

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