Sunday, February 27, 2011

February obsessions

1. Raincoast Crisps
Even though they are $6.99 a box at Whole Foods, I can't help buying a box every couple days and promptly inhaling it with goat cheese (or whatever cheese we have around). My favorite flavor so far is the rosemary raisin pecan.  The genius thing about these crackers is that they are super crunchy and packed with ingredients you can pronounce (read the label on the back to confirm).

2. My veggie and meat CSAs
I haven't felt this inspired in the kitchen in a loooooong time.  Every weekend night for the past few weekends my hubby and I have made multiple dishes.  It has been AWESOME to have leftovers to eat during the week for dinner instead of either soup from a box or take out.  Our veggies come from Eating with the Seasons and our meat CSA comes from Marin Sun Farms.
mushrooms for a Alice Waters mushroom toast

meat balls!
we get ground beef in our meat CSA
3.  All things Scandinavia
Even though I'm back from Norway and Finland - I still find myself thinking about when I can get back. It hurts me that amazing northern lights happened to happen this year about two weeks after we got home!  I'm still studying my new cookbook and design book and can't wait to make heart shaped waffles for someone.  I even looked into what it takes to become a Norwegian citizen and it turns out it is tough - you pretty much have to be a legitimate refuge.

I'm thinking our first home should be a log cabin in the Bay Area
decorated like its in Norway

4. Selling things on Ebay
I go through phases with Ebay, but right now I have three pairs of shoes and one set of pillar candle holders for sale on Ebay.  In the past, I've sold 3 coats, several pairs of shoes (maybe 8?), and probably 5 dresses.  Pretty good money in selling your old, gently used things.  I think of it as a way to justify new things!  Since we are coming out of the holiday season, and because we're in the lull before summer - I'm trying to clean and simplify.
A pair of shoes I'm currently selling on Ebay
5. Crafting!
I'm hosting a baby shower for about 10 people in a few weeks and I am using it as an excuse to do all kinds of crazy, crafty things - like buy cute invites on, emboss place cards for the guests coming, and experiment with food I can make.  Because it is a relatively small group, I can do things I couldn't do for past showers that were larger (like host it at my house).
to make this I bought:
embossing powder, a stamp pad, a heat gun, place cards, and a rubber lion stamp
I know it sounds crazy...

6. Dexter
I resisted watching this show for a long time - even though we have some friends who are so obsessed they watched while giving birth to their daughter.  I watch it on Netflix streaming on my Google TV.

I might try to make my obsessions post a monthly thing because it is fun to see it all together.

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