Sunday, November 28, 2010

lazy winter Saturday

With two days off from work last week, this has been a wonderful four day weekend.  With the Christmas tree up and decorated, the next order of business was holiday cookies!  I had bought the 2010 Fine Cooking Cookies magazine as well as the 2010 Martha Stewart Cookies magazine and thought I'd start with Fine Cooking.

2010 Fine Cooking Cookies Magazine
I decided to attempt the cover recipe (gingersnap snowflakes) and classic lace cookies before heading to the Stanford football game at 4:30.

making the gingersnap dough
I think I was a little two ambitious because I was already elbow deep in flour before I realized that the gingersnap dough had to be refrigerated for 2 - 8 hours (which I didn't count on), so after all that - the dough is still in my fridge this morning.
half of the finished dough (which had to be refrigerated)
On the other hand, the lace cookies were super easy!  The recipe made just a little bit of dough, but it was enough for 24 cookies (less than the 36 it estimated, but maybe mine were bigger than they should have been).
lace cookies - just sugar, corn syrup, butter, flour, vanilla and almond flour
 The finished product were rich and crispy - perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon.
golden brown
We then went to the Stanford game (got in for free with tickets Alison found online)!  It was a pretty great game for us - a complete shutout!  Where was good Stanford football when I was actually a student...

Go Card!
We came home after the third quarter to eat beef that had been slow cooking for hours.  Sorry this picture isn't that good looking (I realize that it must be pretty unappetizing), but it is all I could get before I ate 4 sandwiches worth.  DELICIOUS!  My husband bought two pot roasts, trimmed the fat, and then let them cook on low in our crockpot (thanks Julie and Julia!) in a bottle of costco BBQ sauce.
soooo goooood

We finished off the night with lace cookies and wine (Kelley and I watched A LOT of SportsCenter last night).  I will say that by 10pm that night, the cookies were losing their crispness!  Any suggestions on how to keep them from absorbing moisture?  Overall a good fall/winter day - cookies, beef, football. :)

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