Friday, November 19, 2010


Having taken the last month off of blogging, it's hard to know where to begin again when so much has happened!  I figure I would just share the most memorable stories, even if they were out of order and a bit disjointed.  Oh well!

I was looking over pictures from the past month and one made me laugh.  I was in Finland for work and eating lunch everyday in a cafeteria that was mostly feeding Finnish construction workers with big appetites.  My last day on-site, I was in line behind a Finnish work colleague.  To spare myself the trouble of having to communicate (i.e. mime my order) with the lunch ladies who didn't speak English, I asked this guy to just order me whatever he was having.  Imagine my surprise at this massive plate of potatoes and sausage (along with some rice and garlic oxtail).  It was very hearty.  VERY hearty.  

sausage and potatoes
with a side of garlic oxtail

While I'm on it, I will also mention what my Finnish co-worker drank with his meal.  Non-alcoholic beer is really popular, so of course he had near beer (as he called it).  However, he also drank cream - an entire glass of cream so think that the last drop from the carton left a little dent in the top.  So to recap, my co-worker ate an enormous plate of sausages and potatoes, and washed it down with a tall glass each of near beer and cream.  Definitely interesting.

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