Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm back!

So I have been a delinquent blogger over the last several weeks (almost a month)!  I have been all over the place (Vermont, Georgia, New Jersey, Belgium, Finland), battled a sneeze filled cold, hosted a Halloween party, and most important and life changing of all - the family welcomed our gorgeous niece Claire into the world.  Let me explain with photos.

The condition of my toe nails are a barometer for my mental health - and after all of the running around for the last month, they weren't pretty.  They were hooves.  My toe nails have been painted for a solid 15 years at this point - so you know things were busy when I get them get like this:

a hot mess
However, last week I was able to emerge from the fog and spend a very relaxing hour at the nail salon.  With my toes back in order, I've slowly gotten my head back on straight.

soooo much better
I've done loads of laundry, checked lots of email, and cleaned up the house (we still have halloween decorations out and Thanksgiving is next week).  I'm so happy next week is only three days!  I have so much still to tell you...

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