Thursday, September 2, 2010

A rug... at long last

I have written a few times about my quest for the perfect, affordable rug (here, here, and here).  A few months back, I decided that I wanted something that channeled my love of the Hermes camel color (I had been focused on blue ikat, but then realized that it would probably be too much blue and that I needed a neutral).  I love wild abstract, non-traditional carpets (I heart ikat afterall) - but my husband likes clean lines and order.  I found this rug on for $299 (for an 8 ft x 10.5 ft carpet)!  It was the perfect color (in my imagination anyway) in a clean pattern, was a nice brand with a quality reputation (Surya), and the price was just right.  It is a woven jute rug (love natural fibers).

So here is the big reveal (I must learn how to take better photos with my fancy SLR camera).  The wall color isn't that dark in real life - I think that the light from the window is throwing the balance off in these photos.

Wide shot

Tall shot
We have actually tried it rotated both ways and like this way better (longer dimension perpendicular to the bed so more of it shows).

Next up?  A headboard or bed frame of some kind!  Baby steps right?  I subscribe to House Beautiful and am currently obsessed with this bedroom that my friend Amy posted on her blog.  Love that headboard!  As soon as I get this room into shape, I am sure we will move somewhere else with new challenges (we currently rent, but have no immediate plans to move).

So how'd I do?  Do you think it goes well together?  Any ideas for the bed frame or headboard?


  1. I love your rug! It really completes the room and the colors go well with the walls/curtains. What about one of these headboards:

    They have a few colors and the price is very good!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Audrey!


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