Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the one that got away

Every once in a while I fall in love with some ridiculously expensive shoe or item of clothing.  I dream about uncovering it years later in a thrift shop, or maybe on ebay.  Anyway, I recently remembered the most random Prada shoe that I was totally in love with from Fall 2007 while I was researching Tuesday's fall fashion post.  Check out the original advertisement - worn with open toe stocking/sock.

Photo from littlehouseofstyle.com

There is a pair for sale on ebay right now (size 37).  If only I was a 37!  I am in the 40's in European sizes - I have big feet.  I even got to try these shoes on in NYC once several years ago at a Prada store when I was visiting my sister.
The Prada ombre curved heel
photo from ebay.com
I know that 99% of you will think I'm crazy.  I still love this shoe 3 years later.  I'm setting up an ebay saved search right now...

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  1. I so remember those! I remember you showing me that ad. I don't think you're crazy at all, it is such a cool shoe.=)


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