Sunday, August 30, 2009

flying carpet

I was reading House Beautiful a few months ago and I feel head first in love with the Oscar de la Renta rug below. I thought it would be stunning in our bedroom. The only snag? The outrageous price. For a 6ft by 8ft rug, it costs $4,320. With lots of help from Audrey, I immediately set out to find a copy. While I am still looking, I think that the Madeline Weinrib below sort of channels the ikat pattern pretty well. What do you think? Any favorite rug stores that might have something similar?


  1. check out Surya rugs.
    you cant order directly from them (so far as i can tell) but plenty of big furniture stores carry their rugs... or at least the catalogue.

    and they are relatively inexpensive compared to oscar :)

    I am very close to ordering the fallon Fal-1007 in turquoise... i'm just worried it'll be much brighter in person than on my computer.


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