Sunday, August 9, 2009

stuffed tomatoes

Having grown up in a house living with 8 other people, I first learned to cook for a crowd. All my mom's recipes serve 10 to 12 minimum.

When I moved to college, I was forced to figure out how to cook for four - for two years my three roommates and I took turns cooking on weeknights. Then I went to grad school and basically ate soup from a box and roast beef sandwiches for four years. I have always been terrible at cooking for one.

Having moved in with my fiance, I am slowly trying to figure out how to cook for small numbers again. That being said, usually when he goes out of town for work - I am back to eating mac and cheese or laughing cow and tomato soup (from a box).

So last week, he went out of town for two days and I decided to make something good and surprise myself. I was in the mood for stuffed creole tomatoes, but settled on a recipe from Fine Cooking to use the 6 tomatoes I got in my CSA on Tuesday. It is a creamy polenta stuffed tomato dish.

Came out pretty well - although for the record stuffed creole tomatoes are better (more cream and butter are likely why). I suppose this would be the California version... so healthier in theory. Although notice that I put at least a half of an avocado on my salad. It is my favorite fruit.

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