Monday, May 10, 2010

Honeymoon Day 1

I thought that I would also share some photos and stories from the honeymoon (my sister and parents keep asking to see photos so this is the least I can do)!  

The first day of our Honeymoon was spent in transit - flying from New Orleans to Denver to Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji where we arrived at 5am on Tuesday morning (we never had a Monday that week because we crossed the date line).

Our chariot
From LA to Nadi we were in a Boeing 747 operated by Air Pacific.  Originally we had a row of 4 to share - which I thought was pretty amazing.  A little honeymoon treat from Air Pacific when we checked in!  However when we got to our seats, the lightswitch and the tv remote actually controlled a lightbulb and a tv 3 rows ahead of us (did not instill the greatest confidence in the flight equipment).  The same was true for the people in the two rows immediately behind us.  Because my aunt and uncle had generously lent me their UK version of "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" (not yet available in the US), I was the one person on the plane interested in reading instead of sleeping.   

When the lights dimmed for sleeping, I was out of luck.  The flight attendant told us that we could move to the back of the plane and share a row of three.  Since I would rather share 4 than 3 seats, we declined the move.  Then out of nowhere - the flight attendant returned to tell us to follow him and he started blazing toward to the front of the airplane.  He then took us UPSTAIRS!  I was anticipating a full first class - but instead it was completely empty coach.  He showed me that the lights worked and we prompted laid across 3 seats each and fell asleep for 9 hours straight - each lying flat.  It was AMAZING.  With no passengers, there was no noise, no beverage service, no lights.  We also had a bathroom entirely to ourselves.  Here is the photographic evidence.  It was amazing.  We would not be so lucky on the return flight though. :)

Our private 747 floor!
Walking down the stairs after a full night's sleep in on the top floor

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