Monday, May 10, 2010

flyin high

Last weekend (May 1) I went to the Stanford track meet to watch my friend Graeme pole vault on his birthday.  Since graduation he has jumped unattached and it was awesome to see him clear 17 feet 3/4 inches.  It was insane!  Using my new-ish SLR camera, I took several photos in rapid succession - with the one below being the coolest (click on it to see it much bigger).   I should probably take the original file and re-center the photo around the pole vault and Graeme to get rid of that random guy walking across the track. :)  

Congrats to Graeme and Happy Birthday!

Graeme after a successful jump
p.s. Since I took the month of April off, I have a lot of cool pictures and stories to share that will no doubt be pretty random as I catch back up!  


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