Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

So I have been a delinquent blogger - although I promise that I have a good excuse! Over the last 4 weeks - I have gotten married and taken a wonderful honeymoon to Fiji and New Zealand.  I have SO MUCH to share now that I am back!  But first things first.

I wanted to start by thanking my mom and my entire family (and my new entire family-in-law) for being so wonderful during the wedding.  My parent's hosted the reception at their house and they were so amazing.  It was a wonderful, unforgettable day.

My mom and I on the wedding day!
My mom wore the most beautiful sequined blue top and skirt on the wedding day! 

Mom and I!
I'm not sure when this picture was taken - but I thought it was probably around the time of my mom's first mother's day, so I thought I would include it. :)

Happy Mother's Day!  Thanks again for everything!

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