Thursday, June 4, 2009

sweet treats

New Orleans is a city brimming with incredible food. I wish that I could promise that this was my last post about the meals I ate over Memorial day weekend - but I am not quite there yet.

In college, this email went around (several times) - "you know you're from New Orleans if..." For a bit of insight into my personality, the one that I related to the most was something like "the major topics of conversation when you go out to eat are restaurant meals that you have had in the past and restaurant meals that you plan to have in the future."

For a city known for food, beignets are probably one of the favorite desserts. In fact, my fiance's maternal grandparents came to New Orleans on their honeymoon and ate beignets. I always thought this was a nice coincidence, as my parents who took their honeymoon in San Francisco (its like they traded). While beignets are good at any time of the day, my favorite time to eat them is late at night after leaving the bars.

At our engagement party, we had cake from the Swiss Confectionery, along with 5 dozen petit fours. Petit fours from McKenzies were the best, but they went out of business long ago...

I ordered this cake because I wanted to have a wedding cake at the party for dessert (do a little taste testing). Here is a slice of almond flavored cake with white royal icing served on my parents (and grandparents) wedding china (they had the same pattern).

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