Wednesday, June 3, 2009

memorial day... a little late

As I have mentioned, over Memorial Day I was in New Orleans. While eating at Galatoire's that Saturday night, a woman struck her glass and raised a toast to all those serving in the military and all vets in honor of memorial day.

This thoughtful gesture struck a chord with me, as my brother Tommy is in the Army Reserve (with 6 years left to go). The above picture was taken the day that he graduated from intelligence training in Texas several years ago. The fact that he is looking down in this photo is a bit of a fluke - taken as part of a series where I wanted to get him smiling under a helicopter (I was working in a helicopter research lab). Althought it was a bit of an accident, it has remained one of my favorite photos of Tommy in uniform - the slight bow of his head and the stiff posture speak to me.

To all those serving in the military - past, present, and future - I bow my head to you in thanks.

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