Thursday, June 25, 2009

home improvement

A few months ago we got some design advice on what to do with our living room. Knowing that I loved the blog, my fiance had bought me their design service for a Christmas present. They suggested that we recover our piano bench. Many months later, I just got around to recovering our piano bench last night.

I had bought two yards of the recommended patterned fabric in February from - some to cover the bench, and some to make pillows (eventually).

I didn't actually know how to recover a bench, but luckily John and Sherry at had written about it a few month ago. I bought a staple gun at target last weekend so I was all ready to go.

I think that the finished product came out pretty well!

Pretty awesome change I think.


  1. That's so ambitious and fantastic! You'll have to come over to my new place with a discerning eye. Or to the dorm room which is my new home for July :-).


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