Thursday, June 11, 2009


This week at work everyone was encouraged to take some time and volunteer in the bay area. Along with most of my team, we decided to volunteer on Tuesday at the Youth Science Institute at Sanborn Skyline County Park in Saratoga. There were about 30 or so volunteers in total and together we worked on repairing an Ohlone hut, repairing a fence, and sanding and staining 13 picnic tables. It was really nice to spend time outside doing a little manual labor.
Here is a close up of the woven reeds that make up the Ohlone hut.

The non-weathered wood in this photo is what we replaced over the course of the afternoon.

The Youth Science Institute (YSI) has a number of insects, and the volunteer guide showed us one of their biggest residents - the tarantula spider. While they are poisonous, this spider is used to people handling it and usually won't bite unless very aggitated. The YSI would be a great place to bring kids - and the park surrounding is beautiful.

*All photos from Jun Gong

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