Monday, July 19, 2010

morning coffee

This past weekend we spent a quick 36 hours in Salem, MA for the wedding of an old friend from high school (has it really been that long?!).  I will share some photos from the trip later in the week, but I thought I would start the week off with a little jolt of caffeine.

While we were looking for some morning coffee on Saturday, we came across a coffee shop called Jaho in Salem that made coffee with cold water using an Asian drip method.  It was so hot out that anything hot was WAY out of the question.  Check out this contraption. 

 I also took a close up of the explanation.

I was so excited to try something new!  Lately I have been scaling back on my caffeine intake (it makes my heart race), but I figured that I would try this special brew.  I have to say that I found it really bitter!  It kind of tasted like day old coffee unfortunately!  I also kind of reminded me of New Orleans coffee with chicory, but even that is better.  Philz coffee still holds the record for best coffee ever.  No contest.


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