Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cullan + Jill

A little over a week ago, my high school friend Cullan married his college sweetheart Jill in Salem, MA. My high school friends are an incredible bunch - all you have to do is flash the bat signal and they are there.  In this case, it was for the wedding of one of our own.  As soon as we got Cullan's invitations, we were booking flights and figuring out which witch museum we would visit in Salem.  Jill is very crafty (she's an architect) and her sense of style infused the entire celebration.  She designed many of the details - from the invitations to the mardi gras cups.  Here is the story of the weekend in a photo montage. 

The church in Marblehead, MA

The reception reveal
The House of the Seven Gables in Salem, MA

All beverages at the wedding were served out of custom Mardi Gras cups.
Jill designed them to look like the Salem skyline.

Jeff's southern attire made it to Salem

The Bride and Groom make their entrance!

My high school friends love taking group photos.  Check out how many of us flew in - and these are just the girls!

The view - it was such a beautiful day. 

Dinner time!  Lobster rolls - I ate two of them!

My high school friends - take 1.

My high school friends - take 2!

The cake and cake pulls.

This little guy was break dancing out on the floor. 
What a great weekend!  Now someone else in our group of friends has to get engaged so we can do it all again.


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